Karrbarda, Kolhbun (yam, fish poison plant) - Seasons Folio by Lena  Kurriniya (Deceased)

Karrbarda, Kolhbun (yam, fish poison plant) – Seasons Folio

Helen Lanyinwanga and Lena Kuriniya both use the yam plant to evoke the season. In Helen Lanyinwanga’s print, the yam flower is shown, with the small orange fruit; once again, the abundance of green grass is a sign of the wet.

Lena Kuriniya’s print shows the fish poison plant and the yam flower, with the tuber attached. After nakurl, the end of the wet season, a time of storms known as `knockem downs’, the butterflies will arrive, signaling that the tuber is ready to be harvested and the dry season, yekke, will have arrived again.

This series of nine silkscreen prints is inspired by the cycle of six seasons in the tropical climate of north central Arnhem Land where the artists live. The prints are depictions of specific places at specific times of year, showing the vegetation and animals which are associated with that time and place. The names of the seasons and the places, plants and animals given here are in Kuninjku, which is spoken by most of the artists; a few speak Kune, a closely related dialect. Burarra is used when discussing Vicky Brown’s work as that is her language.