An-Nguliny Rarrk


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In his first solo exhibition Mick England presents a collection of bark paintings and carvings that speak to the ‘wanggarr’ of the Annguliny clan of the Cadell river.

This body of work traces Mick’s country and it’s stories; the Jijapurn, an ancestral creator being that takes different forms, sometimes snake and sometimes a horned creature, the Jin–gubardabiya the pandanus mat spirit and the Jin-merdawa, a mermaid spirit, appear amongst other totems and spirit beings.

Mick continues in the foot steps of his father, legendary bark painter England Banggala, whilst making notable departures in style and representation.

This exhibition is accompanied by a suite of videos shot on location and a dedicated catalogue published by Batchelor Institute and Maningrida Arts and Culture.

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