Legacy — the influence of Balang John Mawurndjul

Ended — at Outstation Gallery

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This exhibition brings together new work from the Kurulk clan. Emerging from an artistic dynasty, the work of the next generation reveals new ways, whilst affirming the integrity and strength of Kuninjku painting.

Artists lead the way for Kuninjku people. Balang John Mawurndjul AM is a community, clan and artistic leader. He speaks of the influence of his parents: Anchor Kulunba, a revered marrkidjbu (healer) and maker of mandjabu (fish trap); and Mary Wurrdjedje, expert at cultural practices, such as making sting bags, dilly bags and ‘bush’ bread. In turn, Mawurndjul has mentored his wife Kay Lindjwanga and his children, including Noah Wurrkidj and Semeria Wurrkidj. His leadership has also inspired his sister Susan Marawarr and his niece, Susan’s daughter Rosina Gunjarrwanga.

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Outstation Gallery
8 Parap Place, Parap Northern Territory 0820

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