Outstation Gallery – Bukkan Rowk – ‘I am teaching you’ THE CONTINUING TRADITION OF BALANG JAMES IYUNA

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James Iyuna (1959-2016) and his wife Melba Gunjarrwanga (1959-) were the leaders of a group of artists living at the Kuninjku speaking outstation at Mumeka and, by sharing their artistic ideas, they created a unique local style centred upon their broader family. This exhibition includes Melba’s sister’s children, Deborah Wurrkidj (1971-) and Raphael Wurrkidj (1988-), and James’ and Melba’s daughter, Apphia Wurrkidj (1984-). However the family, and the distinctive style of painting, also extends to multiple other younger artists who have benefitted from the generosity of these senior people.

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Outstation Gallery
8 Parap Place, Parap Northern Territory 0820

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