Resilience – The Power of the Past Reverberates Today

Ended — at Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery

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This exhibition presents the work of leading and emerging Maningrida Arts & Culture artists. It is a testament to the fierce resilience of the region’s peoples to keep their languages, their country and their artistic practices alive in a contemporary world.

The artists of the Maningrida region tell the story of the power of their belief system, which is essential for conveying the djang: the permanent, eternal, life-giving transformative power that accounts for all aspects of existence. The word djang also refers to the ancestors of creation, the land where their spirit resides, and the ceremonial drawings and songs that represent this being.

Over the past decades, Maningrida Arts & Culture has accompanied the careers of renowned artists, many of whom are featured exceptionally well in this exhinition, such as John Mawurndjul, Lena Yarinkura, Bob Burruwal, Samuel Namundjda, Crusoe Kuningbal and Mick Kubbarrku. They have mentored the next generation of young artists, including Paul Nabulumo, David Brian, Rosina Gunjarrwanga, Deborah Wurrkidj and Kenan Namundjda.

Each generation of artists play a prominent role in the community, reflecting changing contemporary contexts, to bring knowledge to life from defined social relationships and complex cultural practices. This intersection of unwavering cultural integrity and ambitious experimentation has created a unique and resilient hub of creativity at the edge of the world.

Artists participate with their own individuality and sense of innovation, in the dissemination of codified knowledge systems in the form of powerful images in resilience, manifesting the power of the past today.

Participating Artists

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Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery
Rue Jules Besme 101, 1081 Bruxelles, Belgium

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