Waraburnburn: new works by Warrawarra clan artists

Ended — at Art Mob

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This is the first exhibition featuring a major body of work from the new generation of Burarra artists: Marcus Pascoe, Mathaniel Pascoe and Matilda Pascoe.

These long-legged figures, described as jarra an-baykarda ‘supertall’, live in patches of jungle surrounding Gamurra Gu-yurra. They are also physically represented by the cabbage palm which grows in these areas. Like people, warraburnburn live in family groups and, whilst they cannot be seen, they can sometimes be heard calling out to each other as they move across country to hunt. They also have the ability to communicate internally with people, advising them when strangers are entering their land. Waraburnburn know the country intimately and have the capacity to be both benign and dangerous to people. Some will lure people in the wrong direction, even flipping the country over to make it confusing and unfamiliar, whilst others will guide people to safety.

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Art Mob
19 Hunter Street,
Hobart, Tasmania

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