The Djómi collection has works by generations of artists such as Crusoe Kuningbal and his son Timothy Wulanjbirr, works by Yirawala, England Banggala, Wally Mandarrk, Jack Wunuwun and Les Mirrikuriya (all deceased), as well as artists who are active today.

Visitors and researchers

Visitors are welcome to view the museum’s displays and learn about the cultural practices and history of the Maningrida region.

Proposals for research of the Djómi collection will be considered by the Bawinanga Arts & Cultural Subcommittee, which takes into account existing and strategic priorities, and benefits to Aboriginal artists, landowners, and djungkay (land managers). Proposals must be submitted in writing.

Opening hours

Djómi Museum is open by appointment only, so please contact us to arrange your visit.