JOHN MAWURNDJUL – I am the old and the new

left — at Museum of Contemporary Art

6 JULY – 23 SEPTEMBER 2018 Developed and co-presented by the MCA and the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA), in association with Maningrida Arts & Culture, this exhibition presents the work of one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists – master bark painter John Mawurndjul. Bringing forth a tradition shared by generations of Kuninjku artists, Mawurndjul is

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Ngaldjorlhbo | Mother of Everything | Mère de Toute Création

left — at IDAIA - International Development for Indigenous Arts

Presented by IDAIA – International Development for Indigenous Arts, co-curated with leading senior artists and sisters Deborah Wurrkidj and Jennifer Wurrkidj, and Susan Marawarr, their aunt, and in collaboration with Maningrida Arts & Culture and Bábbarra Women’s Art Centre, the display articulates around an unprecedented concept and revolves around the central spiritual figure of Ngaldjorlhbo,

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