Samson Bonson // Susan Marawarr

left — at Vivien Anderson Gallery

MIMIH SPIRIT SCULPTURES SAMSON BONSON The world of the mimih spirit is at play in this exhibition of new work by Samson Bonson. The society of mimih spirits is replete with family groups, politics and histories. Known to be mischievous, they live in stone country and are often slender enough to travel through the rock

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Ngaldjorlhbo | Mother of Everything | Mère de Toute Création

left — at IDAIA - International Development for Indigenous Arts

Presented by IDAIA – International Development for Indigenous Arts, co-curated with leading senior artists and sisters Deborah Wurrkidj and Jennifer Wurrkidj, and Susan Marawarr, their aunt, and in collaboration with Maningrida Arts & Culture and Bábbarra Women’s Art Centre, the display articulates around an unprecedented concept and revolves around the central spiritual figure of Ngaldjorlhbo,

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