Doreen Jinggarrabarra

Doreen  Jinggarrabarra


Doreen Jinggarrabarra is a master weaver and cultural leader and educator. After watching her mother during her childhood, Doreen began weaving in her early 20s. She is Burarra, one of the east-side language groups who specialise in the customary conical dilly bags, woven string bags and mats. She is particularly renowned for the use of mirlarl, (malaisia scandens), a type of vine that grows in the coastal jungle. The use of this vine to manufacture fish traps, barriers and large strong dillybags is unique to this region. 

She is the Traditional Owner of the fish trap and confers approval to those artists who seek to produce these objects or depict the motif in their paintings. She is a cultural leader in her community, teaching younger generations of weavers and also regularly leading demonstrations and tours for visitors and tourists. 

Burlupurr – Dilly Bag (2018), Jungle Vine (Malaisia Scandens) and Kurrajong (Brachychiton Diversifolius), 31.5x20x17cm
Burlupurr – Dilly Bag (2018), Pandanus (Pandanus Spiralis) and Natural Dyes, 40x32x32cm


Burarra (Anbarra)


Maningrida : NT





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Past Exhibitions


  • 2017
    Into the Water curated by Maningrida Arts & Culture, Tactile Arts, Darwin, NT
  • 2016
    NAISDA 40th Anniversary Auction, Auction night at Carriageworks, Sydney
  • 2004
    2004 an-gujechiya, An-gujechiya -fish trap-, Raft Artspace, Darwin, NT