Frewa Bardaluna


Frewa Bardaluna was an established traditional Kuninjku weaver. She sadly passed away in 2019, her artistic legacy lives on through her daughters who are continuing weaving 2D fibre art and other woven forms.

Her use of colour with a soft tonal range and intricate patterns put her at the forefront of the contemporary fibre sculpture movement.

Yawk Yawk
210×92 cm
Pandanus (Pandanus Spiralis), 2016





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Artwork themes

Past Exhibitions


  • 2018
    Djang in Fibre: From Bim to Form, Aboriginal & Pacific Art Gallery, Waterloo, NSW
  • 2017
    Into the Water curated by Maningrida Arts & Culture, Tactile Arts, Darwin, NT
  • 2012
    Maningrida – contemporary work from arnhem land, Gallery Ecosse, Sydney, NSW
  • 2010
    Best of Maningrida, Annandale Galleries, Sydney, Australia
  • 2009
    Menagerie, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2009
    Pandanus Spiralis, Aboriginal & Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW
  • 2009
    Ancestral Spirit Beings and Ceremonial Lorrkon, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2008
    Maningrida Art, Chapman Gallery, Canberra
  • 2008
    Maningrida Arts, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney, NSW
  • 2008
    Maningrida Survey, Short Street Gallery, Broome, WA
  • 2007
    Spirit in Variation, Annandale Galleries, Sydney, NSW
  • 2007
    New Works, Chapman Gallery, Canberra, ACT
  • 2007
    Lorrkon, Spirit Beings, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2003
    Weave, Federation Centre for the Arts, Bundoora Homestead, VIC
  • 2002
    Maningrida Fibre, Redback Art Gallery, QLD
  • 2002
    Inspiral, Gallery Gondawana, Alice Springs, NT
  • 1998
    Maningrida Weaving, Framed Gallery, Darwin, NT


  • Djomi Museum, Maningrida, NT
  • Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, NT
  • Australian Museum, Sydney, NSW
  • Artbank, Sydney, NSW