Lulu Laradjbi

Lulu Laradjbi


Lulu Laradjbi is a senior fibre artist born in 1949.  Her partner was the acclaimed bark painter Mick Kubarkku.  His waterhole djang which he passed on to her often features in her work.  Expansive and innovative in scale and composition, Lulu’s oeuvre is also inspired her totem the stringray and the yawk yawk spirit being from her country.





Date of birth




Past Exhibitions


  • 2022
    Thread Count, Agency Projects & Padre Coffee
  • 2018
    Djang in Fibre: From Bim to Form, Aboriginal & Pacific Art Gallery, Waterloo, NSW
  • 2018
    Barring-bul (Many Walks), Trinity Gallery, University of Melbourne
  • 2017
    Into the Water curated by Maningrida Arts & Culture, Tactile Arts, Darwin, NT
  • 2009
    Survey from Maningrida Arts & Culture, The Mossenson Gallery, Perth, WA
  • 2009
    Ancestral Spirit Beings and Ceremonial Lorrkon, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2008
    Weaving around the Traps, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2008
    Interwoven, Indigenart, Perth, WA
  • 2008
    Maningrida Arts, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney, NSW
  • 2006
    Sculptures from Maningrida, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2003
    Organic Forms in Fibre, Aboriginal and Pacific Arts, Sydney, NSW
  • 2002
    Transition & Resilience, Jam Factory, SA
  • 2002
    Maningrida Fibre, Redback Art Gallery, QLD
  • 1997
    Womens Work, Land and Spirit: Touring exhibition of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Womens craft., Presented by Women of Asia and the Pacific Exchange of Culture and Craft Inc.
  • 1995
    Maningrida:The Language of Weaving, A.E.T.A Touring Exhibition throughout Australia and New Zealand


  • National Museum of Australia, Canberra, ACT
  • Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, Melbourne, VIC