Maureen Ali


Maureen Ali learned to weave under the guidance of her sister Bonny Burarn.garra, a highly skilled fibre artist who has exhibited in commercial galleries around Australia since the 1990s. She also learned from her watching her mother, leading fibre artist Lorna Jin-gubarrangunyja, who won the Wandjuk Marika Award at the 20th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA) in 2013 with a colourful pandanus fish trap.

Maureen has been practicing since 2006. She is Burarra, one of the east-side language groups who specialise in the customary conical dilly bags, woven string bags and mats. She is particularly renowned for the use of mirlarl, (malaisia scandens), a type of vine that grows in the coastal jungle. The use of this vine to manufacture fish traps, barriers and large strong dillybags is unique to this region. 


Burarra (Martay)



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Past Exhibitions


  • 2022
    An-jawa (Creek), Sabbia Gallery, Redfern NSW
  • 2022
    Fibre Fun!, Everywhen Artspace
  • 2021
    Lineage, Delmar Gallery, Ashfield NSW
  • 2017
    Into the Water curated by Maningrida Arts & Culture, Tactile Arts, Darwin, NT