Wardbukarrawardbukarra by Paul Namarinjmak


Wardbukarrawardbukarra are malicious mimih spirits that inhabits the stone country and is said to prey on human flesh. One of these spirits once captured Wirriwirriyak, a Cuckoo Shrike Man. When his captor wasn’t looking Wirriwirriyak managed to escape and ran as fast as he could back to his camp. When he told his father that Wardbukarrawardbukarra had eaten him, his father, who was a ‘clever’ man like Namorrkon the Lightning Spirit, set out to avenge his son. He tracked down the Wardbukarrawardbukarra who were singing in a rock shelter. With a bolt of lightning he struck the rock above the evil spirits, and sent it crashing down on top of them, crushing them to death. 

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