Eleazer Nangukwirrk

Eleazer  Nangukwirrk


Eleazer is a painter and sculptor. He specialises in bark painting, dolobbo bim,  and lorrkkon (hollow log burial poles). He learned the technique of rarrk from his father Charlie Nanguwerr, an accomplished artist and respected cultural leader within the community. He is known for his warm colour palette and white backgrounds that create a lightness to his designs. He primarily depicts wak, the design for the Black Crow ancestor which today rests as a rock in Kurdurldul creek. 

Like other Kuninjku artists, he maintains the cultural knowledge and practices of working with natural materials: ochres which are mixed with water and PVA fixative and applied with manyilk (sedge grass) to bark (stingybark) in the Wet season and lorrkkon (hollow log burial poles) and spirit carvings in the Dry season. 





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Past Exhibitions


  • 2022
    Northern Waters, Short St Gallery Broome
  • 2020
    Tiwi Islands to Arnhem Land